Animate a lotto, bingo ...

Organizing a lotto is quite tedious... This Lotto card software will save you precious time and facilitate the organization of your evening and events...
This software is intended for associations, sports clubs, schools but also for individuals... This program is available to everyone.
Its use is simple and easy, its capacities numerous, its presentation is pleasant (several themes and icons available).

The free version allows you to use all the tools at your disposal: Creation of draws - Edition of game cards (with or without barcodes) - Management of the distribution and sales of cards - Preparation of draws - Draw animations (Multi- Screen available) - Reading of the results - Reading of the numbers drawn aloud - Customizations of game cards and software - Backups - Export in Pdf - Etc ...

Above is the main screen of the program when it opens.

By clicking on the "Display" tab located at the top of the screen you will have access to display options and on the right side of the screen a list of styles will allow you to change the appearance and icons / skins of the software. .

Make personalized lotto bingo cards

To organize a big lotto several elements are essential, a facilitator, an abacus, pawns, balls... but also game cards Lotto tickets - Bingo cards allows you to create these cards and print them with ease...
The screen below allows you to customize the layout of the grids (lottery cards).
Leave room for your imagination to make your cards: The position, the size of the cards, the color (lines, background, numbers and text), the font, the texts displayed are configurable according to your creativity or your needs .

The card personalization screen is accessible from the main screen, the card creation-editing screen, and also from the re-edition screen.
For each edition, a print preview allows you to preview the result. You can also export to pdf for later use...

Create your first cards / tickets now: Download

Lotto tickets - Bingo cards

Program for download at:


This program works on a PC equipped with Windows, having the following minimum configuration:


If you have any questions, remarks you can send an email, to obtain the address follow the following instructions:

Open the software [ Main program window ]
Menu > Get Full Version See also the help file...