Software to print and illustrate your lotto cards

Use the predefined cards styles or create your own cards styles. Lotto card allows you to give free your creativity and your imagination for the creation and printing of cards.
Below are some examples with more or less elaborate presentations - from a standard style to a more complete layout - with the possible addition of numbered reply coupons (if distribution of the game cards beforehand)
To facilitate the distribution and play of the cards, barcodes can be added when printing...

Make your cards right away:DOWNLOAD

Lotto game grids

Lotto cards with coupons

Variations of screens skins.

Management screen - resizable - of draws.
Use the different options: Full screen grid display, reading the number, animation of the drawn number, ambient sounds for the number counter ... etc.

Grid of 90 numbers (automatic random draw or double-click on the grid)

Grid and Drawn Number

Full screen number


Carte de Loto - Logiciel

Program for download at:


This program works on a PC equipped with Windows, having the following minimum configuration:


If you have any questions, remarks you can send an email, to obtain the address follow the following instructions:

Open the software [ Main program window ]
Menu > Get Full Version See also the help file...