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Bingo Games is an application that allows you to create and print cards. A quick way to print up to 10000 cards. Each card is unique and numbered. It is also a bingo number generator and calling software. Bingo games (also called bingo cards) helps you to organize succesfully bingo game session.

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Printable bingo cards - Bingo game manager - Bingo cards maker - Bingo flashboard software

Easily way to print up 10000 bingo cards on your computer. This software is a complete game manager. It helps you to create, print and organize cards distribution and sales, call out numbers on a flashboard via a random number generator, checks wins and more ... you can also create patterns ... Bingo is one of the most popular gambling game in the world and this bingo software helps you run a Bingo session ...


Creating games and cards (automatically or manually). Cards will be numbered (with or without a stub). Tickets can be previewed and printed. Maintain database of all players

Managing distribution or sales. you can easily add players and assign their cards. Ability to display cards in PDF format.

Using software bingo flashboard you can randomly select a number or just enter it (by clicking on a numbered flashboard). Select and check the patterns combinations. Exporting and printing winner lists and other reports.

Bingo Games - how to play bingo ?

Us Bingo cards are 5x5s. These numbers range from 1 To 75 are arranged in five columns by three rows. Each square is numbered from 1 to 15, the second contains numbers 16 through 30 and so until the fifth column ... and ...

... The letters BINGO are written across the top of the columns. There is also a square located in the center of the card which is marked as a free space. The winning pattern could be a letter, diagonals, lines, corners and coverall ...

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